There you are! I thought you'd gone away

If you sometimes get a response that says ‘There you are! I thought you’d gone away.’, instead of the greeting message when you open Teneo Web Chat, this means the Timeout flow was triggered.

The Timeout flow is triggered when a request is made to the Teneo Engine with an empty user input and an old/expired session ID is passed in the session cookie.

You can prevent the Timeout flow from triggering by doing the following in Teneo Studio:

  • Disable the flow called “The user continues conversation after Timeout”

  • Change the trigger on your flow called “Greeting message” from

    %$_INIT & %$_EMPTY


    (%$_INIT / %$_TIMEOUT) & %$_EMPTY

Then republish. You should now get the greeting message for both new sessions and timed out sessions.