Issue when we start a conversation with a text as condition trigger

Issue when we start a conversation with a text as condition trigger, in particular the flow breaks in different parts pretty much in a random way and not always at the same point. Sometimes it stops before an integration, sometimes in the middle of the integration. Also sometimes just works fine.

I tried to log every possible step, but doesn’t seem to show any error, a part for stopping all of a sudden. Do you ever experienced this kind of problem?

Hi Domenico,

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Could you explain a bit more what you mean when you say that the conversation/flows stops? Are you technically unable to talk to the bot, or is the conversation stopped at an unexpected point but you can do a new input? Are you seeing the behavior in Try Out, and/or in a published version of the bot?

In the case the issue is that the conversation stops at an unexpected point, is your flow you are testing a simple question-answer flow with one trigger and one output node, or does the flow have multiple steps (and output nodes)?

If you are working with multi-step flows, it could be that the configuration of your transitions needs to be reviewed to make sure that the conversation stops/continues as expected. Have a look at Transitions | Teneo Developers to see how you can configure this feature.

Let me know if this helps you.

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Hi Britta,

thanks for your reply. The greetings flow, which should start the conversation doesn’t start at all and the conversation is just blank (the user can still write in the chat).

I’ve noticed that when this happens most of the times in our logs there is an empty input before our legitimate input, I think that this empty input makes the bot to lose the context for then being unable to start the flow.

You can see attached a log example, the first input is empty, the second is our legitimate input.
I analysed the Javascript code and we never send this empty input. I think it happens when the user opens the chatbot but for some reason it takes a long time before we send our first legitimate input, then in that case the JS Teneo API sends the empty input to the backend and causes the bug. Could that be possible?

Hi Domenico,

If you are using the default Greeting Message flow from the Teneo Dialogue Resources as is, then the match requirements of the trigger in this flow are (%$_INIT & %$_EMPTY), in other words that the input is the first in the session and that it is empty. Have you modified the condition of the Greeting Message trigger, or added a custom one? You can read more about how to work with the default Greeting Message flow here: Greeting message flow | Teneo Developers

Opening the chatbot will always be the first transaction in a dialogue, and as such it will normally lead to the greeting message or possibly a message with a confidentiality disclaimer or similar. In any case, you need to make sure that you have a trigger in place that will pick up on what is sent to Teneo when the session is started.

You say that you are not sending an empty input as a first input. What are you sending then?


Hi again,

yes this is our case, we use a trigger word to the condition in order to trigger the Greeting flow manually. The word is the one deleted in red in the previous image where you can see the first empty message number 0 which is not intended to be there, while the number 1 is our message.

I think the first input is causing a conflict when we want to trigger the Greeting message manually. Is there a way to avoid to send this empty message automatically?

Thanks for helping.