Timeout - Transaction break without response

I faced this issue, the chatbot is trying to send the api request and get results back, but the transaction is broken due to timeout(32s). There is no error or response returned and the whole session got broken(that mean it jumps out from the flow and it could not be revisited).
How can I get the errors of timeout and put it as a condition in the transition?

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Hi. This happens if the Teneo engine for some reason takes too long to respond. In this case a security mechanism in Teneo aborts the flow. To solve it, you should investigate why it takes so long and fix it. There is a clear malfunction somewhere in the solution. There are no specific ways to detect it. It can, for example, be happening because there is an infinite loop in a script or a slow HTTP request. In the latter case a possible approach would to obtain the data in a parallel thread before executing the node ni question.

Hi Alexander,
Thanks for the answer.
We know the slowness is due to the https request. We cannot fix it from the api side since it is caused by the data source connection. That is why we want to find a solution to extend the timeout in Teneo. Regarding to the solution you provide, we have tried to put the script in a standalone node to execute but sometimes it still takes more than 30s. So it doesn’t matter if we execute it in parallel or not. The teneo engine doesn’t allow to run a node more than 30s. Any other solutions would be appreciated?

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Hi. Infortunately the only solution is to execute that HTTP request in a parallel thread, or to fix the request itselt so it does not take so long. Even if it takes 10 seconds, it will be a bad user experience having to wait so long. So you have to make sure that request does not provoke any delay.