Change greetingmessage

We are going to change the way we work with greeting message but have a little bit of problem.

1.When we open the chat at regular way we want our old greetingmessage.
Condition: (%$_EMPTY & (%$_INIT / %$_TIMEOUT))

  1. When clicking on another button we want to start another flow.
    There we have a script that is: {sParameterCommand == ‘trigger_flow’}

I got it to work like parallell: Start chat as ordinare - check. Then click button - check
But. Problem is if you havent start the chat and then click on button. Then you get regular greetingmessage and answer in my flow - in one mess.

I have try to fix it with condition and delay but cant get it to work.

Is it possible to drop greeting flow as soon as scriptcondition is there?

With delay it looks like greetingmessage comes after my flow.

Hi Raquell,

Thanks for posting your question in the Forum.

You might want to have a look at the way that the triggers for the different flows sit in the trigger ordering groups. Here is a link to documentation of managing triggers ordering: Ordering | Teneo Developers

Have you tried creating an alternate trigger on your greeting flow based on the condition {sParameterCommand == ‘trigger_flow’} or creating a secondary greeting flow with higher priority using the the trigger condition {sParameterCommand == ‘trigger_flow’} assuming this only occurs on start?