Teneo Academy - Assignment gets stuck after pasting in images


I just sent this issue to Britta and saw that she is unavailable currently, therefore I’m posting this up here, too.
This regards the Teneo Academy assignments. The issue I have come across is with pasting in screenshots in the tasks that require that. As soon as I do that, the assignment navigation panel and the Finish attempt buttons become unresponsive and it’s not possible to finish the exercise and move on (the cursor changes to a a red ‘‘not allowed’’ symbol when going over the Finish attempt… button which has become slightly pale).
It doesn’t change after reloading the page, logging in and out, as well as neither using a real screenshot, nor a Snip & Sketch image.
Previously, I didn’t experience such issues.
Any ideas on what’s the problem here and how to solve it?

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Hi Baiba,

I have seen your message. I will investigate and get back to you directly.


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Thank you :slight_smile:

What is Teneo academy!!!

Hi Surya,

The Teneo Academy that Baiba is referring to is an e-learning portal that we have previously used. Today, all online training will happen on Teneo.ai, where you can already find a lot of Guides that you can follow to get skilled in Teneo. Or you can follow our Learning Journeys or watch our TeneoTube videos, as mentioned on the Training Center page.

We have also launched our Certification program if you are interested in becoming a certified Teneo Conversational AI Developer.


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Hi Britta,

Thanks for the clarification.:slightly_smiling_face:

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