Teneo Web Chat server connection issue

I have been attempting to set up a functioning Teneo Web Chat by following the steps on the Teneo Web Chat | Teneo Developers webpage.

I have installed the latest teneo-web-chat.js from GitHub and inserted the “Adding Teneo Web Chat to your site” code snippet to my webpage and replaced the Engine URL as well as the path to the teneo-web-chat.js as instructed.

The chat window appears as expected, however I am not able to talk to the bot and get a server connection error message, see below.


I am using my published Engine URL found on the Manage Bots | My Teneo | Teneo Developers webpage in my account and the path to the teneo-web-chat.js is correct, so I am not sure what the problem could be.

Is anyone able to help out or suggest a potential fix? If you need anymore information, just let me know.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Joeyell,

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The issue can be one of many things, but generally speaking, the issue seems to be because your Teneo.ai Sandbox environment is not up and running. Have you made sure it actually says running under “My Teneo” when attempting to speak to it?

Could you also let me know your solution name, or maybe insert a code block on how you wrote the URL, for me to further QA?

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Thanks for the quick response!

Yeah, the environment is running and the solution is published.


Here is the code where I reference the Engine URL.

 const teneoProps = {
        'teneoEngineUrl': 'https://suavequXXX-0XXXe.bots.teneo.ai/longberXXXXXXXX',

If you need anything else, let me know.


Edit: redacted the URL above

Hi again,

Thank you for the additional information. Sadly I’m not able to reproduce your issues, as I’m getting the following response,

Could you possibly send an e-mail to me, developers@artificial-solutions.com with the index.html, so I can identify the issue there?

Warm regards,

Email sent.

Thank you :slight_smile:


There was an issue with the browser, works well on Firefox. A fix will be pushed as soon as possible.

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