When testing the question flow, I receive this error message. I am not sure how to deal with it.teneo_error

Has anybody seen this error before and Maybe even found a solution?

Many thanks!

Hi micristian, welcome to the new forums :slight_smile:

Do you get this error when you ask a question in try out? And if so, does it occur for every question you ask or only a specific question?

Thanks, lucas!

I get this error in “try out”. As it happens with the first question in the flow - and I can’t actually get into the flow due to this error - I can’t tell you, if it happens with every question :confused:

Hello micristian,

Does the error persist if you restart the Teneo studio client?

Yes, I closed the solution and restarted it.

Sorry, just to be on the clear side. Did you restart just the solution or the entire Teneo studio client?

I closed and reopened the solution as well as the entire teneo Studio Client.

Ok, mchristian, I will send you a private message for some details so I can verify if something is going on in our backend.

Hi , I am also getting httpRequestException - An error occrurred while sending the request (HttpRequestException The remote name could not be resolved: Studio-hr.teneo-va-backend-global.its.cs. (xxxxxx)

Hi Mayra,

For the developer who started this topic, a restart of their computer fixed the issue. Could you perhaps give that a try too?