Max Allowed Concurrent Inquire 6.2 API Connections

I am running into perdic issues wth Inquire 6.2 wher i geta connectoin refused error from the Inquire backend

Does anyone know:
a) how many concurrent connections are supported by Inquire
b) can that be adjusted somehow- i found no settings in the teneo-inquire.yml file

Hi rr4657, welcome to the forum!

Regarding your questions,

Inquire itself does not have a limit - tomcat however does, that is in the tomcat config (maxConnections and a few other associated properties). But that is highly unlikely to be hit, unless it is some kind of stress test ongoing, mainly because it is set pretty high by default (10000 + 100 + …)

Could the connection refusal could also be from any server between the request origin and inquire tomcat, eg. a firewall in between - it is not necessarily due to maxConnections or indeed the Inquire service/webserver.

I could not find a tomcat config file for Inquire 6.2.1
But i did find the issue was caused by a TQL query - not sure why since the query was fairly simple