How to put a Interactions limit

Hi, is it possible to put a limit to the number of questions a customer can make during a single session?
We need to be able to edit the limit cap, and maybe completly stop to answer after that quota.
Thank you

Hi Simon. Welcome to our Forum! Thanks for raising this question.

To address this issue, you can create a variable that counts the number of user requests. Once a limit is reached, a certain flow is triggered where the user will get a message like “You have now reached the limit for requests …”

Is there a specific case where you would need to limit user input?

Hi Mary, we’re facing some haking attempt, throughout our virtual assistant, so we need to limit interactions per session.
As far as I understand your solution will keep on respond with the “You have now reached the limit for requests …” and will not close the possibility to interact with the VA.
Is there a way to completly stop the service?
Also, i there a way to use the “Transaction ID” instead of the variable?

thank you

Hi, I’ve found the nTransactionCounter value, thank you

Hi Simon. Good that you found the counter. Please keep in mind that security against hacking attacks is maintained on the hosting level. It cannot be done on Teneo Engine level.