Inquire Rest APIs and Python

Having a hard time connecting python to the inquire rest APIs. Seems to work just fine in Postman, but I try and throw it into python all I get is 403 forbidden. Played around with this for a better part of a day here but no luck. Anyone had any luck with this?

Hi @JasonMed ,

great to see you around in the Forum. The 403 seems to come up due to the connection you try to establish between a Python user agent and the Inquire API in SaaS - which then gets blocked by the Web Application Firewall. You could try it by using a different user agent (or no agent if possible).

If there’s no hard requirement for you in using Python, I would suggest to use Groovy and follow our tutorial - Teneo Inquire client | Reference documentation | Teneo Developers

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply, but I got it to work by using http.client and not requests. Just something about how the requests package is doing things.

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Great, happy to hear that! :slight_smile: