Two flows are triggered when initializing bot

Hello! We want to trigger a certain flow on a specific part of the site upon a press of a button. The way we do it today, when button is pressed two flows are triggered: the one we want, and the “main-flow”. When I have a look at whats being sent through the network, I can see that two inputs to teneo are being sent, one with an empty text (which is triggering the “main-flow”/default-flow, and one with the trigger for the flow we want. What is the solution for this? I am suspecting this is happening when the bot is being initialized. But I don’t know how to fix it. Thank you

Hi. By default, when TWC opens it sends a request to its Teneo engine. Apparently you are now also sending another request when the user clicks a button which is used to open TWC. If this assumption is right, you have to develop an extension preventing TWC from sending the initial request when it is opened.