The window inside flows, that shows errors, metadata, variabels is gone

The window (up in the left corner) that shows errors, metadata, variabels is gone in all my flows. I don´t know if I have done something to make it dissappear but now I don´t know how to get it back. Asked a collegue but she can´t make hers dissappear, so maybe its not me who has done something.
Anybody else who has experienced this and know how to fix it/get it back?

Hi Janet,

did you try to log out of Studio and log back in (not just close the solution, but close down the Studio client)?
Does the issue persist from one day to the next?


I´ve had like this for more than a week now, but it wasn´t until yesterday that I needed that window and couldn´t figure out how to get it back and I have closed down studio everyday when ending the day.

Hi Britta.

Do you have an idea on how to get my window, inside the flows, back?
I close down the Teneo studio and all open solutions every day when I go home. It has been gone for weeks now.
//Janet ICA

Hi Janet,

we need to have a look at your setup to do further troubleshooting, so I have sent you a private message.

Kind regards,