BOTS section is not working

Hi Everyone, hope you are doing well…
I need your help, the BOTS menu is not working into this page Login - Teneo Developers .

this is the error:

Hi @enrique_medina, welcome to the forum!

Thank you for reporting this! The issue should now be fixed.

Warm regards,

Just to provide a bit more context, we see an issue with our live data view having timed out during your request and not providing a graceful failure. Thanks for bringing this to our attention - we will take actions to improve the experience from the Bots data view.

In the meantime, we’ve looked over your environment and things seem to be good now. Please try the page once more to confirm it’s working for you.

Thank you so much Ramazan, and yes, it works now.

My best regards,

Hi Tim,
everything is working now.

My best regards,

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