Test your bot & Localize Articles & Data footprint

We have just updated our Developers web page with three new topics,

Firstly, a brand new ‘Test your Bot’ section under ‘Build your bot’ that includes the following pages:

  • Run Automated Tests
  • Test your bot with Botium
  • Dialog Tester [NEW]

We intend to further develop this section and add more pages.

You can find the section here: Run Automated Tests | Teneo Developers

Secondly, we have added a couple new pages on Localization(Master/Local branching). This includes two brand new Concept pages,

  • Localization
  • Libraries

and one new ‘How To’ page,

  • Localize your bot

You can find the pages under Language Understanding tagged as ’ New ’ here: Language Understanding | Teneo Developers

Lastly a new page about ‘Data Footprint’ which can be seen here: Data footprint | Teneo Developers