BI connector login failed

I tried to use Power BI connector in the development path, but it got failed after the last step login. The error shows: The column id not found.
Could you help with it?



Thank you for reaching out!

It is related to one of the values provided by you being wrong. Could you please try the following values,

lds: teneoacademy_qq_0tdd31z1889mmvh8zy4cnkm3k8

And login with the same credentials as you use for Teneo Studio?

If you run into issues with your queries, please follow this guide for more best practices - Development setup | Teneo Developers.

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Thanks for the reply.
I used the exact same value which you provided and still got the same error.

I was only asked to login when the first time to connect, then it just skipped the login part and shows this error after clicking connect.

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There’s a possibility that Power BI cached your info. You can reset your cache by visiting ‘Options’ and clearing the caches,

Please make sure you are using the correct connector, in your case, it is the following
Teneo Inquire (shared queries) (Beta),

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Hi @Ramazan
Thanks for the help.
It works now. I have one more question, in the query how do we assign the count column name.

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Hi sc_chatbot,

Sadly this is currently not possible when using distribute. For this, we recommend you use listAll and tools inside Power BI to count the occurrences.

Feel free to download our pre-built dashboard Build a Dashboard | Teneo Developers or watch our webinar around the Power BI connector to get inspired Spill the T Ep 2 - Teneo Connector for Power BI: Conversational apps enhanced by data visualization - YouTube.

Thanks for the clarfication. It helps me a lot.

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