Microsoft Power BI connector help

Hi, we are in the process of following the Microoft Power BI Connector manual and we get stuck at the part where we have to generate the URL where the Power BI Connector needs to connect to (URL based on the Teneo Inquire URL and Log Data Source).

How can we find that for our current solution?
I can log in to my developer account but there it only shows the longberry baristas demo solution assigned to my Artificial Solutions Developer account.


Wesley Levels

Hi wesley.levels!

The URL is described as https://[your_team_name] on the following page: Development setup | Teneo Developers. Where you need to replace [your_team_name] with your free trial name.

To give you an example, if I have a free trial account named, livelyhuskies-8b39f1 as seen below,

I’d need to replace the link with,

As for the Log Data Source, I have the following options,

  1. Go to Login - Teneo Developers and copy the last bit of your solution link
  2. In Teneo Studio, click on Log Data and copy the name from the Log Data Source,

Once you have these two ready, together with queries and data, you should be able to access it with Power BI,

Please let me know if anything is unclear, we’re more than happy to help you out!

Warm regards,

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Hi Ramazan,

The instructions seem pretty clear for if you want to test it on your developer account solution. But I’'m struggling where to connect to for our published production solution


Wesley Levels

Hi Wesley,

The Power BI connector is not available in Teneo 5. Your team will need to migrate to Teneo 6 for it to work.