403 error when deploying twitter connector

Getting a 403 error in the connector deployment process here - [https://developers.artificial-solutions.com/engine/channels/twitter#create-a-twitter-webhook-configuration]

I’ve checked the various tokens and secrets but these all seem to be correct.

The command I’m running is this:
node example_scripts/webhook_management/create-webhook-config.js -e demo -u https://afs-customer-services-twitter.herokuapp.com/webhook/twitter

This can happen indded due to some error in consumer secret token, or in the setup of the Dev Environment,

So first, what happens if you run this command that returns information about the environment?:

  node example_scripts/webhook_management/get-webhook-config.js -e demo

(assuming that ‘demo’ is the environment label, as seen here:

Thanks for responding. I get a 200 error - see attached. I take it that suggests the credentials aren’t right somehow? I can try regenerating them and pasting the values into the Heroku app variables again.

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Yes, regenerating the tokens and updating the values in Heroku may work.
Keep in mind it is necessary to click on “More -> Restart al dynos” to make changes on configuration variables effective on a Heroku app.