Got error while deploying teneo bot on amazon alexa platform

Hi Everyone,

I have successfully created a Teneo bot and published it. And then I am trying to deploy the bot on amazon Alexa, had chosen the 1st method “Running connector on Heroku”. When I am trying to test the bot on Alexa, the bot isn’t invoking. So My question is about “Add the Endpoint URL to your skill”. Please guide me in which URL I need to add on an endpoint and where? How can I solve this issue?

Hi @mauli95, welcome to the forum!

When you are running the connector on Heroku, the URL that you need to add to your Skill is the Heroku URL of the connector that you deployed there. Basically you will be telling Amazon to send requests from Alexa to the connector on Heroku which in turn sends them to Teneo (and vice versa).

We’ll update the page to clarify.

Hi @lucas,

I have already added this Heroku URL as an endpoint URL in Alexa. But still, It is not working.

Please find the screenshot below.

Thanks for the screenshot. The URL that you’re using does not familiar.

As mentioned in the other topic, to get the url of your Heroku connector, login to Heroku. You will see a list of apps. Click on the app that you created for your Amazon connector. Then click ‘Open app’ in the top right corner. A new browser tab will be opened. The url of that tab needs to be added in the screenshot you showed above.