Getting issues while deploying bot on google assistant

Created and published the Teneo bot. was trying to deploy the bot on google assistant platform through Heroku. but when in the command prompt i am running this action “gactions update --action_package action.json --project banking-bot-48ccd”. Kindly find the error screenshot below.

Guide me on how can I solve this issue?

It looks like Google can’t connect to the URL where you deployed your connector. Does the ‘url’ field in the conversation section of you action.json contain the Heroku URL of the connector you deployed there?

"conversations": {
    "teneo": {
        "name": "teneo",

Hi @lucas,

I have mentioned that code and url of teneo bot in action.json file. and then tried to authenticate on coomand prompt. but still getting the same error as i was getting earlier.

Find the below screenshot for reference.

The url that you are using there is the url the to the Teneo Engine. But it should be the url of the Heroku connector. Google will then send Google Assistant requests to your connector on Heroku and the connector will then forward them to Teneo.

To get the url of your Heroku connector, login to Heroku. You will see a list of apps (at least one for your Google connector and one for your Amazon connector). Click on the app that you created for your google connector. Then click ‘Open app’ in the top right corner. A new browser tab will be opened. The url of that tab needs to be added in the JSON you showed above.

Hi @lucas,

I have updated the url as you said. but still getting the same error. Find the screenshot below.

Ok, the url looks good now, but there is still an error.

Heroku apps go to sleep after a certain period of inactivity. They should wake up when a request comes in, but perhaps that process takes too long when updating the google action. Is it possible that your herokuapp was sleeping while you were trying update the action?