Flow got stuck and didnt land on safetynet

Hello Team,

We are using the facebook connector in our environment and we have discover a problem with the solution which we are using for Facebookconnector.

If a flow is stucked then its not aborted and didnt go to safetynet. It just get stuck and don’t response to the user.

We need it to be as in the other solution - where it abort the flow and goes to safetynet if necessary .

Request you to please help us to resolve this issue.

Please let us know if anything needed from our end.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Akshay (@dhaneakshay),

great that you are making use of the Facebook Connector.
I’m not sure if your scenario here is directly related to an issue with the connector, it sounds like it could be an Input Consuming transition which leads to the empty answer.

Could you check the transition that your input takes if it consumes the user input, like this?


If that’s the case, can you check if disabling the checkbox solves the issue?
And if not, can you check for Error Messages when you are running a test on Advanced Tryout?


Do you get there any errors displayed?

Let me know how it goes, thanks,