Problem with entity assignment

I am trying to pick up an entity but getting error messages. I defined a flow variable my_country and then trying to fill it via a listener. Did I do something wrong?

Hi Clara!

Ah! You almost got it right. You have to use an ‘attached script’ here in order to extract the recognized country from the entity. The attached script should be attached to the entity %COUNTRY.ENTITY in the condition field.

To solve your issue:

  1. Remove the variable assignment from the script field:
    my_country = lob.sCountry
  2. Attach this script to the entity %COUNTRY.ENTITY in the condition field:
    ^{my_country = lob.sCountry}
    Your condition should then look look like this:
    %COUNTRY.ENTITY^{my_country = lob.sCountry}

Here is an image of what it should look like:

I suggest reading this page on about attached scripts to learn more about them.


Thank you very much, Max! I made the changes and now got my flow working.