Export LO and Entity

Is there a way to only export the LO and Entity as the format which we can import to studio?
So that they can easily be maintained by excel?

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Hi @sc_chatbot,
the export of Language Objects and Entities in the Bulk Import format is currently not supported in Teneo Studio.
I would see the option to work and update all the time in your CSV file, which you import then with all updates and avoid the need of the export. Generally speaking, I would say it’s much easier though to work on LOs and Entities inside Teneo Studio, since you get feedback from the UI on possible syntax mistakes and suggestions for LO/Entity references.
I will provide your idea back though to our Products team as feedback for future releases. :slight_smile:
Please note also that you have the possibility to create your own custom Libraries which you can share across projects. In this way, you make sure to speed up your work flow and make a coherent usage of your LOs and Entities across all your projects.
If I may ask, is there a hard requirement for your team to update LOs and Entities outside of Teneo Studio? Then I have a bit more of background information on the use case.
Thanks, and I hope this info helps a bit!

Thanks for your reply.
To answer your question, we have already created many LOs and entities(around 500 in total) without using Bulk import function so it is a bit harder to maintain it inside of Teneo now. Secondly, we are planning to handover the project to the business side which has less experience of developing in Teneo so it might be easier for them if we can export all of LOs and entities to excel to maintain it.

Generally speaking, bulk import is not easy to start with complex conditions(because excel doesn’t provide tips when you are hard to come up with a LO) and LO variables. So it is not easy to always update in the CSV file after we already updated LO and entity in the Teneo studio.

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Thanks, @sc_chatbot , for all the details. I will provide your idea as feedback to our Products team, together with the use case you have described. :slight_smile:

In case you want to give some users of the Business side access to Teneo to be able to help there directly with the LOs and Entities, you could share with them the following links to get them started in Teneo:

and some Reference Materials:

I hope this helps, wishing you a great weekend!