Get value from entity depending on value in variabel

Hi, I need som help - dont know if it possible.

My case is like this;

  1. I pick up date from user in a variable - using datetimehandler so that user could write friday etc.
  2. I have a entity with date as enty, opentime as variable in entity
  3. I would like to be able to combine my datevariable and entity. So that I get the right opentime saved for witch date we have in our variable.

I dont get it to work because I only know how to get a value from entity using userinput - but here I dont want to use userinput but variablevalue.

Hi Raquell,

Yes you are right, the entity entry only matches on the user input. In your case you can add your date-opentime mapping as a global variable, or if the mapping is quite huge you can add it as resource file and read it in the global script.