Postback button in answertext


I wonder if it is possible to create a postback button in an answertext.

I would like the button to have the look of a hyperlink (underlined text) but when clicking on it it should be a postback that can trigger another flow.


The output node can contain any html formatted content so it’s absolute possible. You can do this by adding this kind of html:
Please <a href=“javascript:void(0)” onclick=“myFunction()”>click here</a>
and define a function to send a specific input parameter back to the engine to trigger a specific flow.

However, some kinds of html tags are not supported by Teneo Web Chat for exmaple <a> tag and <button> tag, so i you are using teneo web chat you cannot do this. If you are using TWC, please use buttons instead. For other channels, please check if <a> tag of html is supported.