Link to external URL

I would like to know if it is posible to have an output that links to an externar URL, and after doing back on that web page, continue with the flow.
Thank you.

Hi Miriam,

This should be technically possible, however, would require some adjustment to the Web Interface to fetch confirmation that the user has returned to the main page (which would have to send an event to the Teneo Interaction Engine) and in turn continue with the flow.

Alternatively, you can link to an external URL without a problem, opening as a new page. Once the user returns they can follow-up with their next question or intent. Unless you have a specific journey in mind that they should go down after seeing the external link, if this is the case, then you’d need the WI to provide that event trigger.

Kind regards,

Hi @grantmw thank you for your answer. And how can I link to an external URL? Can you give me an example? I don’t see in Teneo documentation. I supose that is via script but I have never done. Thank you

Hi @Miriam, at the bottom of each output node (below the answer text) there is a field ‘Output hyperlink’ in which you can save a url. That field can be used by for example a web client to automatically open a web page or to provide the url as a clickable link. More details here:

Alternatively, you can also add an html link to the answer text itself. Like @grantmw said, how to handle url’s depends a bit on the customer journey you have in mind.