New release: Teneo Web Chat 3.2.0

We’ve just released Teneo Web Chat v3.2.0 with some nice new features:

Link buttons
Teneo Web Chat has a new message type called ‘Link buttons’. These buttons act as links, instead of posting a value back to engine. You can specify a target if you want the link to open in a new window. As opposed to other buttons, link buttons don’t expire. They do however trigger the ‘on message button clicked’ api, allowing developers to override their default behaviour.

Change the engine URL using the api
The engine url can now be changed using the api. This makes it possible for developers to switch to a different engine, for example if the bot detects that the user talks in a different language.

Send icon behaviour can be updated
The send icon behaviour can now be updated. Not only can developers change the icon, but there is a new api ‘on send button clicked’ that allows developers to intercept the click and modify its behaviour.

Improved accessibility
The accessibility has been greatly improved and now supports keyboard navigation and screen readers.

Styling Teneo Web Chat
In addition to the new release, we’ve also published new a page Styling Teneo Web Chat. This page provides hints and suggestions for frontend web designers who want to change the look and feel of Teneo Web Chat to match the brand of their organization.

You can find the latest release of Teneo Web Chat on github: and the latest documentation on the Teneo Developers site:

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