OR operator for query restrictions


I am looking to create a query where it lists all session IDs based on whether two restrictions are both true or one is true but not if they are both false.

So something like this

la s.id:
    (restriction 1 == true) OR (restriction 2 == true)

Does TQL support some sort of OR operand? I’ve checked online and have not been able to find anything.

Thank you in advance for any help :slight_smile:

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Hi @joeyell ,

you will probably need to create a Groovy adorner first to handle the OR restrictions and to make the result of this available as one single value for your TQL query. There is no direct OR operator in TQL constraints.
You can find an example on how to implement this type of Groovy adorner in the following article, The Power of Augmenters + The Top 5 Groovy Augmenters for Your Log Data - Knowledge Articles - Teneo Developers Community
As the article mentions, depending on what kind of values you check (e.g. flow name), you might be able to just use the in operator (and then not require any adorner).

Hope that helps to get you started :slight_smile: