TQL Query Assistance

I am trying to write a query to find all the inputs that matched a particular language object for a given solution.

I am currently using this query I found in the TQL cookbook.

lu t.e.userInput :
t.e.type == "request",
t.e.userInput matches-condition (solution = "solution name", condition = "%LangOb.LO")

(I am using the correct solutions name and LO in the query.)

When I attempt to run the query I get the following failure and do not understand why. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction, thank you.

Hi Joe (@joeyell),

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This type of query you are using (matches-condition) needs actually a WAR file of the solution uploaded before you can reference to it.
If you go to your Log Data Source, and click there on LOG DATA SOURCE, you can find info on it under Solutions:

Please note that publishing to a WAR file is not available for users on the Free Trial environment. If you need to run this query for a project, please contact our Support team and request help with the creation of the corresponding WAR file.
Hope this helps,

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