How to format TQL results to omit (null) entries

I have a query that combines a number of sub queries in which each query produces a count that I want to show as the output of the main query.
Instead of showing the values side-by-side, it however creates a table result with a diagonal showing the counts, and the rest of the cells are filled with (null).
Is there some way to reduce this to a single line result with all the values?

Hi Fred,

I think the way to combine them together is to create a groovy adorner


Thanks for the idea! Would we adorn the session header or the individual transactions. As with the latter, we just wind up with the same issue?

It depends on what you are counting. If you are counting on session id you need to adorn the session, otherwise you need to adorn transactions. Then use aggregator to aggregate the adorned sessions or transactions. However I´m not familiar with aggregators so i´m not quite sure if it will work or not.

Surya found a solution for this using the “sum” directive. If the query is written this way, the result is give in one row! We checked the results and it’s working!

lu sum Total_Sessions.S_ID as Total_sessions,
   sum Grammar_Errors.G_ID as Grammar_Error_Count, 
   sum FAQ_Lookup.F_ID as FAQ_Error_Count, 
   sum NLU.N_ID as NLU_Count, 
   sum Stuck.Stuck_ID as Stuck_Flow_Count, 
   sum Duration.D_ID as GT_4Sec_Count, 
   sum Load_Balance.Load_Errors as Load_Balance_Error_Count:
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Sounds great, thanks for sharing, @Fred.Roberts and nice work, @surya! :slight_smile:

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