Make a complex TQL query or execute query externally?

Hi Team,
We are trying to do monthly value tracking via TQL. Multiple data points need to be collected by executing the single query. We are wondering if it is possible to combine these simple queries into one complex query so that it could generate one table which fulfills the value tracking requirement? Otherwise, it is time-consuming that we need to collect each data point by executing a single query.
Use case: We need to collect session numbers about different metadata tags. Now we have one query for each metadata tag.

Or is there any API which can connect to Teneo Inquiry so that we can use script to execute these queries outside automatically?

Hi sc_chatbot!
This depends a bit on what kind of values you are tracking.
I would start with looking into Aggregators, if you have access to these, Augmenters | Teneo Developers (or here Document) as this would be the best solution and perform really well.

Otherwise, you could perhaps construct a very complex query with sub-queries.
Essentially move each datapoint to a subquery and combine the result from all subqueries in the main query.
You can see an example of this in Make use of sub queries | Teneo Developers and also read more about them in the Inquire documentation in Document. Otherwise, reply if you’d like a deeper example.
Solving this with a complex query like this is might however not perform very well.

So the third alternative would be to use the Inquire REST API and execute this in a script outside. This is limited for users in our Free trial environments.

Thanks for the suggestions. I would like to query multiple data points with the key of date.
For example: I would like to merge the below 3 queries, but I am not sure how to use the aggregator to do it:

  • Query 1: Sessions number of Issue Completed
    d date: in {".*;Completed", “.*IdentifiedCompleted”}, == false,
    catd(pattern=“yyyy-MM”) s.beginTime as date order by date desc

  • Query 2: Number of transaction
    d date:
    catd(model=“month”) t.time as month,
    t.index>=1, == false,
    catd(pattern=“yyyy-MM”) s.beginTime as date order by date desc

  • Query 3: Safetynet hits numbers
    d date:
    t.e.fname==“Safetynet”, == false,
    catd(pattern=“yyyy-MM”) s.beginTime as date order by date desc

Each query has different conditions, but the key will be date. Could you show me one example how to merge 2 queries with the same key but different conditions?

Thank you