Output URL paramether

Hi we need to create a prompt trigger flow that add text to some answers,
but the text must change if the previous answer has the URL field compiled.

Is there a default URL parameter we can use in a Condition like the attached example?

Thank you

Hi Simon,

You can use _.getOutputURL() to get the output hyperlink, but this method is only available in Global > Script > Post-processing. If you need have access to output hyperlink in a prompt flow you can create a global variable to store the output hyperlink (like sURL in your example). Add a data action before the output node where the hyperlink is attached to, in order to store the url in the variable sURL, then use ${sURL} in the URL field of the output node. For example:


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Hi, thanks for your reply!
this is not exactly what we need, but maybe my example was too specific.
I think you got near our needs with the _.getOutputURL() but after that we need to create a flow like this new img:

maybe, we can use the _.getOutputURL() to populate the sURL variable, and then create the condition,

so how do we populate the sURL variable with the _.getOutputURL() in the post-processing?
Thank you

I’m not quite sure what’s exactly your need but if you need to distinguish if main answer url is empty or not, you can just use {sURL} as condition, or creating a global boolean variable like bUrlCompiled and use {bUrlCompiled} as condition. Please notice that _.getOutputURL() cannot be used in any flows.

Yes! your guess is right, and it looks like what I thought, but it didn’t work;
our solution was missing a line to valorize sURL ( sUrl = _.getOutputURL() );

now, thanks to your suggestions is fine,
Thank you!

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