Backend Connectors €500 Bounty

For a short period of time we are offering a ‘Bounty’ of €500 in Amazon vouchers, or equivalent in your country, available for the creation of additional Backend Connectors on the Teneo Developers site - deadline for submissions 31st March 2021. We have had positive feedback on the usefulness of the current connectors on the site and wish to encourage the production of more of these for the benefit of the community.

This offer is available to external developers and Artificial Solutions Staff alike.

A full technical description is given in a separate post, but the high level requirements are:

  • Provide an integration to a suitable 3rd party system. Suitability being something enterprise developers using Teneo may find useful.
  • Build the solution within a Teneo Developers sandbox environment, so we can test and evaluate the solution. The flows and integrations, authentication etc should be in-place (see detailed notes on how the solutions should be presented)
  • Provide documentation, in markdown, giving an explanation of how to setup the integration, including example use cases developers can follow.
  • A reference example of what we are looking to provide with a backend connector can be found by look at Salesforce and UiPath
  • Feedback may be given on areas that require greater clarity or changes in the configuration

Submissions should be made via email to, with attachments containing the markdown documentation, with instructions on how we can obtain credentials - if this is not possible example credentials for API’s for testing should be provided. If you have questions on either what is required or general guidance, then this can be asked within the forum, or by email to if you would rather the question was not public.

After submission, you will receive feedback - with the option to recommend modifications to the submission, as appropriate.

The Teneo Developers management will be the sole arbitrators of the approval process, but it is our goal to want to approve submissions.

Once we approve a submission we will look to export solutions from the Sandbox, include all supporting documentation and material and make available on the Teneo Developers website or reference it on Github in an Artificial Solutions repository. The Amazon voucher will be made available to successful submissions within 10 days of integration being made available on the Teneo Developers website.

Terms and Conditions:

By submitting a backend connector - you agree to the following terms and conditions

Terms and meaning:
Term ‘Developer’ for the internal or external developer.
Term ‘Company’ for AS.
Term: ‘Software’ for Teneo.
Term ‘Works’ for the back-end connector development.

“Developer acknowledges that all Intellectual Property Rights in the Software shall be owned by, and will remain the property of the Company. Developer agrees that the Company shall retain sole and exclusive ownership of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Works. To the extent, and for any reason the foregoing statement of ownership of the Intellectual Property Rights of the Works is not effective, the Company shall have a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable, irrevocable, perpetual license to use the Works, including incorporation into the Company’s Software.”

The developer will also be responsible for any personal tax liability, if applicable.
Artificial Solutions reserve the right to change the duration of this offer.