Export of dialogue flows

Is there a way to create an export of specific dialogue flow (or whole local solution if separate flows are not possible) in a readable format, excel preferably?

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Hi Maija,

Welcome to the forum! We have tools available within our Professional Services team that can accommodate this requirement. I’ve dropped the files you need to you directly.

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Hi AS team! :wave:
We have a T6 solution which customer would like to export to csv/Excel… I was wondering if such an export is available? The need is for a list of flows in the solution, along with names of triggers and example inputs from triggers… ideally output behaviour too, but I appreciate that makes for a much more complicated tree :smiley:
Does anything exist for T6?
Alice / ALKE

Hi Alice (@ALKE_CAI ),

great to see you around :slight_smile:
Since the tool which had been mentioned before here in the thread was an unofficial tool from the PS team, there haven’t been updates for Teneo 6 on it.
I will mention your request internally though, and update here again in case a T6 compatible version becomes available.


Great to see you too Benjamin :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick response!

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