A new version of Teneo is available!

Teneo now comes with a new approach to flow design with a focus on guidance and simplification, where information is gradually exposed when appropriate in the dialogue development process. This ensures that the exposed options are relevant so less cognitively demanding, as well as preventing damage caused by attempting to take actions which are inappropriate in the current context.

Concretely this means the Flow editor will show a Plus button which when clicked shows a curated set of options which are valid and useful in that specific context, guiding and simplifying development.

Interaction design has also been simplified through the addition of new compound actions such as ‘Fork to’, ‘Split to’, ‘Continue with’ which will enable one-click additions of dialogue structures - from inserting single nodes to adding multiple complete transaction or dialogue paths - whilst ensuring that the interaction remains valid.

Users are now guided through solution creation in simple steps: requiring only the selection of a language and name. Any new solution will have lexical and dialogue resources assigned by default. Additionally it is now possible to create documents directly under the solution root, without first having to add a folder structure. All of these actions are also exposed via the Studio Public API.

Teneo user can now choose to work on our first iteration Web UI for some tasks, including creating and editing Solutions, Flows, Entities, Language Objects and testing the solution in Tryout. The new Studio Web is an additional UI alongside Teneo Studio Desktop with collaboration features enabling parallel development against the same solution. This additional UI enables different user groups to work alongside each other each within their chosen interface - ensuring that the system maintains solution integrity however the user is connected.

Studio Web and Desktop Interfaces maintain a familiarity and current desktop users can continue to work as before, and decide to start using new UX and new compound actions exposed by the Plus buttons when it best suit them.
There have been some UX changes specific to Web, for example in the Flow graph all node content is now edited directly on the node in the graph. Outside the flow there are new type based views showing all Flows / Language Objects / Entities within a solution in individual lists, and a Solution dashboard showing information about the solution content and recent edits within.

Other improvements in this release include performance when editing local solutions, auto test startup speed and enhanced security features such as a dedicated audit log for admin actions.

You can find detailed description in the Release Notes and a guide through the new features in the new Introduction to Teneo 7

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