Is it possible to export Teneo 6 ML model


Is it possible to export the ML model (Classes, Training data, etc) from Teneo 6 to CSV or other format? This could be for the purpose of importing into another classifier, or using an ML model performance tool like Qbox, or editing in bulk for a mass clean-up to then be reimported?

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Hi Darren,

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Actually Teneo 6.2 will expand Teneo’s public API features and allow access to the Class Manager end points. So, not yet available, but very soon!

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Great, thank you Benjamin for the quick response - looking forward to T6.2. There’s lots of great info here on the forum / Teneo Developers - great work. Hope you are doing well.


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Hi @DarrenFord ,

not sure if you have seen it already, but here’s a link to the Studio API which includes several Class-related calls (since T6.2): Studio API

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