Import CSV files

Depending on the type of data you want to import to Teneo, there is different ways to go about.

If you want to import question answer pairs that are to be transformed into basic flows in Studio, you may use Teneo’s incorporated Bulk Import Feature.

For any other kind of csv data to be imported, you should upload it as a file in the Resource File Manager. Once added, the contents of the file can be stored in a global variable (for example as a Map) so it’s data can be used by the various flows. You can find more information on how to do that here: Alternatively, instead of adding the file to your solution in Teneo studio, you can also store it somewhere on a server that can be accessed by Teneo and then load its contents by calling the file’s url using groovy:

In case you get an warning “NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method eachLine() on null object” after uploading the file in the Resource File Manager, make sure that you changed the path of the file in the Resource File Manager to /script_lib? Like so:

Also, this might be of use too, but it depends a bit on the structure of the csv that you are using: