Auto refresh in Power BI for Production Setup

Hello All,

We are using the Production Setup Power BI connector.
We are able to create the dashboard.
We wanted to know if we can implement the auto refresh of the dashboard created in powerBI with latest query data present in inquire so that whenever we open the dashboard of powerBI we will able to see the latest data in it
If yes please let us know how we can achieve this.

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Hi @dhaneakshay,

This will be possible in the future. Currently, our connector is considered to be a “custom connector”. We plan to send it over to the Power BI team to get it recognized and supported within the platform in the near future.

Right now you can only manually refresh it.

I plan to keep you updated, (or ask our Customer Success department to do so) depending on how quickly the Power BI team approved our request.

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Hello Ramazan,

Thank you so much for the updates.