Anyone been able to refresh from a published PBI report?

We are using the production setup and the Teneo Inquire (saved results) data source.
When trying to refresh on the service, we get this error.
Data source error: Unable to refresh the model (id=6840893) because it references an unsupported data source.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: 3a9dc31e-02b5-4224-9458-4bdf16936782
Request ID: 460bac86-f51e-b34e-621e-8f1a4f835e19
Time: 2022-02-03 22:38:44Z
Anyone been able to fix this issue and refresh data from the service?

Hi @cwarburton welcome to the forum!

You can refresh your data by clicking on “Recent Source” followed up with selecting the relevant URL.

I’m not sure if this solved your problem but I also found a topic in the Power BI Community forum with the same issue as you’re describing, here.

Warm regards,

Thanks, yes, I can refresh my data without any problems when I use Power BI Desktop as you are showing here. However, when I Publish that report to the web service, I’m unable to refresh with the following error.

I am wondering if anyone had experience getting this to work with a PBI gateway.