New release: Teneo Web Chat 3.4.0

We’ve just released Teneo Web Chat 3.4.0 with some nice new feature. Here are some highlights:

Support for callout messages
Sometimes you may want to get the attention of the visitor without opening the full chat window. Callout messages allow you to do that. They look like this:


You can show and hide callout messages using the JavaScript callout api’s.

Enlarge images
Images added to the chat history can now be enlarged by clicking on them. You can specify separate url’s for thumbnail and the full size images. More details here: Images.

You can find the latest release of Teneo Web Chat on github: and the latest documentation on the Teneo Developers site:

The full list of changes in this release:

  • Added new api to add a callout message to the launch button to catch the web visitor’s attention
  • Added new callback api ‘reset’ to intercept chat window reset events
  • Images can now be enlarged
  • Added css variables for lightbox colors used for enlarged images
  • When icons and window title are reset using the api, reset to init value instead of teneo web chat default value
  • Added config option to allow use of localStorage instead of sessionStorage
  • Added api to get the storage object
  • Added api to get locale
  • Use dedicated css variables for typing indicators
  • Use css variable for modal background color
  • Use Chinese Traditional if locale is set to just ‘cn’
  • Added id’s to teneo web chat container and send icon
  • Fix font size in Safari on macOS Big Sur
  • Fix issue with launch button and chat window dropping behind some layers
  • Fix URL validation issue