Team with more than 5 members


I saw that the maximum number of team members is 5. However, we are a team of 8 wanting to develop a chatbot together. Is it possible to extend the number of team members somehow?



Hi Amber

At the moment we have scaled the Sandbox infrastructure to have a limit of 5 concurrent developers. Clearly for a production deployment you won’t have this restriction.

If you find that team members come and go over time, you do have the ability to remove any team members that become dormant, and replace them with newer member - and I think you know you do this in once you are signed in.

If you want to get part of the team up-to-speed with teneo, then I can approve a second team, but you won’t be able to all work on the same chatbot at the same time.

Hope this helps

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Thanks, Gareth! I will talk to my team and think we can come up with some kind of rotation scheme as you suggest.