Microsoft bot framework /Teams channel integration

Do you have a video or some more moterial about the channel integration with microsoft teams (via microsoft bot framework)? I have seen already the information available in the channels section but I would like to know a bit more and/or to see an implementation tutorial/video or anything that could help us.

We have gotten and we keep getting requests regarding this and it seems that it could be a game changer for us, to have our chatbots available in microsoft teams.

hi @edhorst, thanks for posting your question here on the Forum.
It is great to know that an MS Teams will be beneficial, and I am glad to share with you that we do have a Teneo connector to MS Teams ready and we plan to make it public shortly.

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Thank you! It is probably the most frequent request/need we get so this will be a game changer

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Hi @edhorst I can now gladly share with you that the Teneo Teams Connector is ready. You can find the documentation here:
Teams - Resource page | Teneo Developers
It will provide you with the instructions needed and the links to the necessary installations as well as the code repository.

Glad to hear that the connector is ready!
I saw that it is quite different comparing to the old connector which was on the page of the Teams Channel (“https://”). Is it still possible to use this connector to integrate with ms Teams? Or do I need to change to this new one?
Thank you

Hi. The connector your are referring to (Microsoft Bot Framework…) is a POC/demo connector implemented with Node.js. To use it in production, you will have to extend it to handle concurrent requests and multiple simultaneous sessions. The new connector is written in Java and handles all that you already so it is ready to be used in production.


I tested it and it works great. I have some questions regarding its configuration:

Can it be set to single tenant? Can we display UI features like tables?

Hi @edhorst we are delighted to know that you have been enjoying the connector. We have been adding additional sections to the documentation and these additions include a tutorial on improving Teams bot UI with some features like buttons, images, links etc. I guess depending on your purpose, tables can be placed in an image or displayed as buttons or lists. Check out the updated documentation and enjoy :slight_smile: .

Hi @edhorst , hi @ChatbotSCBR ,

please check out the latest update on the Teams Connector tutorial on how to set up Easy message type creation here: Teams - Resource page | Teneo Developers

Hope you are making nice progress with your Teams bot! :slight_smile:


Regarding tables, as far as I can see Adaptive Cards support tables. We haven’t tried it, but you can give it a try yourself. As per the connector documentation, the raw JSON representing adaptive cards should be returned in the output parameter “msbotframework”.
As far as SingleTenant is concerned, according to the official documentation, SingleTenant is not supported in the Java implementation.

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If single tenant is not supported, is there an “easy” way to restrict it so it is accessed only within a certain domain? I know I could add code to the connector and add that logic (maybe using microsoft.graph.request.params) but I feel there should be an easier way to do it.

Hi. I would recommend exploring the Microsoft documentation and adding the required logic to the connector code, as you mentioned. At least that is what also comes to my mind right now.

@mary.yako Is the “workaround” I mentioned the only solution to restrict the exposure of the chatbot using the teams connector? Thank you in advance!