Query related to Scale setup

Hello Team,

We are using Power BI connector with Development setup.

We are looking forward to use the scale setup mentioned in below url.
Scale setup | Teneo Developers

In above setup, we can see the azure SQL is in use for storing the results.

Please let us know if we can use microsoft MSSQL onprem server instead of Azure SQL server.

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Hi @dhaneakshay, Thank you for reaching out!

Apologies for a bit late response, had to look closer into the code. From what we can determine, it should work with on-prem SQL server as the same underlying JDBC driver should be used. We cannot determine for sure, but we would appreciate if you can test it and feedback to the community.

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Hello Ramazan,

Thank you for the response and analysis.
we will try to test it and update you the result.


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