Office Hours: Trigger Ordering

Trigger Ordering is one of the ways the Teneo Developers can control what Intent Trigger is matched. The triangle Machine Learning - TLML Syntax – Trigger Ordering is a very powerful toolkit that puts the control over the intent matching process in the hands of the developers, as they do not have to depend only on machine learning and confidence scores to determine what flow process is kicked off.

In this session we will talk about Trigger Ordering and how you can work with the order of and relations among your triggers to create a robust and customized intent matching setup.

About the Office Hours
Office Hours are an opportunity for everybody who is working with or learning about Teneo to connect with one of our Teneo experts to ask questions, consolidate their knowledge about Teneo and connect with the community of Teneo Developers.

The sessions start with a short introduction to the topic of the day followed by an open talk among all participants.

The sessions are dynamic and interactive, so bring your questions and join the discussion!


Britta Guldmann
Conversational AI Specialist at Artificial Solutions

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Trigger Ordering
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