Let's Discuss: Trigger Ordering

Let's Discuss: Trigger Ordering

In Teneo, the intent matching can happen on triggers and transitions. Both are ordered in a prioritized way: transitions locally inside the flow, and triggers on a solution level. The Intent Trigger Ordering is a powerful tool that allows you to control the intent matching process by giving preference to certain triggers based on business criteria, input complexity and relevance, to mention some examples.

You can read more about Trigger Ordering, and how to work with it here:

In today’s Office Hours we talked about the different options you have to work with and customize your trigger ordering.

One topic we mentioned was the naming of the Trigger Order groups and how to best make sure that the names are easy to understand and work with. We discussed the option of naming the Ordering Groups in a way that indicates the complexity of the triggers in the group, such as for instance “Main”, “Context”, “Keyword”, or using a priority-based naming convention, such as “High”, “Medium”, “Low”.

How do you name your project specific Order Groups?

Hello forum!

I was also wondering, how often do you review the trigger ordering? Or when would you normally review it?