Office Hours: Extract and Store Information from User Inputs

Extract & Store Information from User Inputs

In a conversation, the users will share information with you that you will sometimes want to store to be able to use it later in the conversation.

In this session, we will explore how you can extract and store these information bits in Teneo Studio, and we will answer the questions:

What are Variables used for? What scopes are variables available in?
What are Listeners used for? What are the different kinds of Listeners?

Level : Basic

The session is aimed at developers who are getting started with Teneo as well as developers who are already working with Teneo and want to refresh and consolidate their knowledge.

About Office Hours

Office Hours are an opportunity for everybody who is working with or learning about Teneo to connect with one of our Teneo experts to ask questions, consolidate their knowledge about Teneo and connect with the community of Teneo Developers.

The sessions start with a short introduction to the topic of the day followed by an open talk among all participants.

The sessions are dynamic and interactive, so bring your questions and join the discussion!
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Office Hours extract information

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