Make the Most of Your Data

Conversational data can be used for many purposes: project optimization, business insights extraction and better understanding of your users. Thanks to TQL (Teneo Query Language) you can fulfill any of these goals and create the perfect report.

In this session, we will discover the different possibilities available in Teneo to search and analyze data. We will discuss about the most typical queries and how to extract and interpret this valuable information.

About the Office Hours
Office Hours are an opportunity for everybody who is working with or learning about Teneo to connect with one of our Teneo experts to ask questions, consolidate their knowledge about Teneo and connect with the community of Teneo Developers.

The sessions start with a short introduction to the topic of the day followed by an open talk among all participants.

The sessions are dynamic and interactive, so bring your questions and join the discussion!


Sofia Hernansanz
Conversational AI Specialist at Artificial Solutions

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Make the most of your data