NullPointerException: com.artisol.teneo.inquire.clientapi.QueryClient API in scala

import com.artisol.teneo.inquire.clientapi.QueryClient
import java.util
// val teneo_pass=dbutils.secrets.get(scope="teneo",key="customerreport.user")
val backendUrl: String = ""
var clientParameters: util.HashMap[String, Object] = new util.HashMap[String, Object]()
clientParameters.put("timeout", 1000.asInstanceOf[AnyRef])
clientParameters.put("esPageSize", 10.asInstanceOf[AnyRef])
val clientApi: QueryClient = QueryClient.create(backendUrl)
val user: String = "*************"
val pass: String = "*************"
clientApi.login(user, pass)
val year: String="-")(0)
val lds: String = "hellofreshccphase21enprod"
val tql: String ="lu as Session:  s.beginTime == in {\"2021-12-27\"}"
val result = clientApi.executeQuery(lds, tql, clientParameters)

// println(tql_customer_id)
// val result_customer_id=clientApi.executeQuery(lds, tql_customer_id, clientParameters)
// println(result_customer_id)
// clientApi.logout()

Hi, I am running the above code in scala to run the query through API but I am NullPointerException Error. The same code has been running before the teneo 5.1 to teneo 6 upgrade. But after the migration I am seeing this issue. This is a high priority issue, if someone can help on this that would be great.

Currently we are using jar: inquire-client-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Please help us identify the problem with new jar.