New Teneo Features Available!

From today, you’re able to access the latest feature updates and enhancements that we have made on Teneo.

Firstly, pro-code developers will be delighted to learn we have implemented multiple scripts, highlighting our continued support of pro-code development.

This will allow you to add various scripts of different types, as well as enabling the breakdown of large scripts into smaller sections.

Scripts can now be optimized for smaller file sizes and a greater overview can be achieved. Increased productivity and collaboration capabilities will also follow as scripts are now individually versionable and easier to maintain.

The separation of scripts also enables greater flexibility of reusable modules: It’s easier to access community resources and to use solutions as reusable assets that will merge seamlessly.

Scope of Web UI has also been extended

You can now cover the reading, editing, deleting of global scripts, variables, listeners, contexts, integrations and file resources.

This brings Teneo Web one step closer to being a fully independent solution development option - providing full solution development from within the web UI.

Among the Web UI usability improvements, you’ll also notice that it is now possible to open documents in tabs.

With the addition of read only mode in the Web UI, we are opening up many new avenues for using the Web as a tool for sharing / showing solution content (eg. flows) to the wider business, giving TryOut access and thus validation possibilities, etc.

This enables easier collaboration with other business units who may not have access to edit solutions or may not want to install Desktop.

Please check our guide to experience the latest changes Introduction to Teneo 7 | Teneo Developers
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