A new version of Teneo is available


Teneo Inquire functionality is now exposed through Teneo Studio - instead of the dedicated web frontend “Log Data Manager”. This move brings Data management closer to the data generation and consumption. Studio now exposes the Augmenters, Saved Results and Syncing.
Now as a Studio user it is possible not only to query augmented or saved data - but modify the augmenters and managed the saved data all in the same place.

Additionally, a number of user driven UX improvements have been included in this release:

  • Flow Overview is now collapsible in Desktop and Web frontends
  • Script and TLML fields in flow nodes are now expandable to full screen in Web

The continuation of Web feature roll out brings to Web:

  • Import / Export / Add Content
  • Class Manager

Finally, the studio Public API expansion continues with the inclusion of Language Objects, Entities, Folders and Library (Lexical resource) handling

You can find detailed description in the Release Notes.

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