Let's Discuss: Make the most of your data

Our Office Hour covered some of the most used TQL queries and strategies to extract and interpret this valuable data

Here is the latest article that contains the top 10 TQL queries:

And here is our master Cheat sheet for any TQL query

Questions for the Community:
• How often do you review your Conversational Interface logs?
• Which reporting tools do your use?
• What are your top 3 KPIs?

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In our Office Hours we discussed how often logs are reviewed and analyzed, some of the tools used for reporting, and the differences between voice and text analytics.

Regarding the last one, the general approach was to definitely agree and use different KPIs, but we did not conclude which ones would be the specific ones.

Are you currently using any KPIs that are unique? Which ones should be included in the future according to your criteria?

Hi! May I ask where we can create Augmenters?

Hi! And sure thing! You will need to access your Log Data Manager. Here is everything you need to know: Teneo Log Data Manager | Reference documentation | Teneo Developers
Also additional information about Augmenters and how to make the most of them: Augmenters | Reference documentation | Teneo Developers